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.45acp brass problems

I have been reloading .45acp for a month now. And I got some cases that when I go to seat the bullet in the end I can move the bullet up and down with my fingers. Some are RP and some are Winchester and some are Federal. So there is no set pattern of a particular manufacturer for brass. I tried to crimp it more but I get the same mixed results. (Some of the bad cases would come out of it but a few remained the same) Now some of the bad brass I noticed when I used the caliper on them the walls were thinner than the rest. I have ran over 1200 round nose lead bullets and out of that batch I have probably 50rds or more that will not hold the bullet in place. The bullets are .452s So I was just curious if anyone had the same problem. Is it some thing I am doing wrong or is it that the cases that are the problem or both. And can it be corrected?

Currently set up I am using
230gr lead round nose bullets .452 diameter
brass is of all makes Win, Fed RP and then some
dies are Herter's
press is a Dillon 550b
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