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HB5225 Passes in MI!!

Requirement to beg cops for a permission slip to buy a handgun...GONE!
Tyrannical handgun registration...GONE!

I worked hard to help get this one passed! Thanks a million to the NRA and all members who helped with this. Thanks to the 74 yea voters in the Michigan House and thanks to God for everything!

Supposedly the cops have 6 months to destroy the registration records. We need to be sure that gets done and also keep getting friends and family signed up in the NRA. Next, we need CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY in Michigan!!

"Which side are we on? We're on the side of the demons, Chief. We're evil men in the gardens of paradise, sent by the forces of death to spread devastation and destruction wherever we go. I'm surprised you didn't know that." --Saul Tigh
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