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How often do you practice presenting your weapon?

I carry everyday, whether concealed or open carry. I visit the range at least once a month, if not twice. I practice rapid different shooting techniques, such as double tap, shooting on the move, weak hand, one-handed, etc. But one thing I have not been spending any time on is practicing presenting my weapon.

I watched a video the other day and saw how fast the shooter was reloading. I thought to myself how I never practice reloads. Then it hit that I also haven't been practicing my presentation either. I used to be pretty fast at moving my concealment garment, drawing, and setting up on target. I even have a sillouette target on the wall for just such practice.

Since it is very important to be faster than the other guy, I have decided to commit to presentation drills everyday. And since I sometimes carry a sub-compact in my pocket, that should be included in the practice. Also, I think something to take into consideration is environment. I am thinking of practicing presenting in confined spaces, such as the car or a narrow hallway.

I think these practices will be very beneficial and recommend that everyone should do them at least periodically. Its all about muscle memory.

Most important about practice, make sure your weapon is UNLOADED.
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