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The article referenced above was the lead front page story on the New York Times. The article was also published by the San Diego Union Tribune: The story was in the news because of a bill that is before the NY legislature. As reported, Remington Arms has threatened to pull their business out of the State if the bill should pass.

Meanwhile over in CA, which passed a microstamping law back in 2007, they were gearing up to implement the law as soon as the patents lapsed on the technology (the CA law mandated that any microstamping tech must be free of any encumbrances). In the referenced article, we find:

In California, legislation signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2007 has been held up while the attorney general’s office makes sure the technology is unencumbered by patents. A gun rights group, the Calguns Foundation, went so far as to pay a $555 fee to extend a lapsing patent held by the developer to further delay the law from taking effect. “It was a lot cheaper to keep the patent in force than to litigate over the issues,” said Gene Hoffman, the chairman of the foundation.
Gene opined a bit more over at CalGuns.Net:

Our very good friends at NRA made sure that the legislature kept to it's liberal values and didn't create a monopoly and we did our part to apply a superior understanding of intellectual property and litigation to exploit such excellent work.

We had kind of expected to never get credit, but thanks to the NYT for now letting us explain how we'd kept the handgun roster from banning more handguns!

Freedom isn't free, and we have to take the Roster down. Please donate.
Should the CA "Safe Gun Roster" fall to current litigation (see Pena in the current 2A cases thread), it will also take down the entire microstamping law, as microstamping is implemented through the roster.

It is good to see CGF in national news, and good to see them using IP practices against the anti-gunners. Bravo!!!
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