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I don't disagree with you Jim, but I go wild when people start saying the inertia action does ANYTHING to reduce recoil. The whole works - sans the rear of the bolt - recoils together to the rear with a locked action as the first step in cycling, ergo zero recoil reduction is possible. To add to it, they are light. The stocks and gizmos do work, but I can't stand to have a gun moving with more than one motion. That killed the long recoil for me, too.
Beretta builds some good guns, but jeez they would explode if they didn't come out with a new and improved model every two or three years, and some of the improvements weren't. I'm still miffed over the switch to the wondernine just to placate NATO, and then they weren't real thrilled because Beretta and not FN won and built a factory in the States to pour salt in the wound.
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