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Wait, what? Didn't they just have a bill on the table to get rid of CoBIS?

Yes. Yes, they did. And why?

It is the conclusion of two studies by the California Department of Justice conducted two years ago and a 2004 study conducted by the Maryland State Police that the ballistic database systems in these states are a waste of time, money and manpower. The Maryland report cited the complete failure of the New York Combined Ballistic Identification System (CoBIS) to produce a single "hit" on a gun crime as complete failure of that system. The CoBIS system is costing taxpayers approximately $4 million per year and it is a certainty that the State Police could find a better use for those millions.
As of 2008, SAAMI was reporting that CoBIS had yet to turn up a single hit. There's more on what a truly awe-inspiring waste of time and money the program is here.

The information would be worth forwarding to legislators voicing support for such a boondoggle.
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