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Paul B.

Please don't confuse the excessive loads of Herco in the Lyman #44 Manual with the much more recent down-grading of the SAAMI presssure standards for the .357 and .44 Magnum cartridges. The old SAAMI CUP standard was 46,000 CUP, which was probably less than 50,000 psi. Most modern steel guns like Rugers can shoot those safely, although some of the more recent ultra light weight plastic and aluminum guns might not be able to handle them so well.

In contrast, the ancient Herco loads mentioned here probably produce something like 70,000 psi (based on QuickLOAD estimates). That would be well over proof pressure for the old CUP standard, and WAY beyond proof load for the new SAAMI psi standard. The fact that these loads did not blow-up the Lyman "test" pistol is testament to the quality and margin in the S&W construction of that day.

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