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I am glad someone started a thread about this. I just bought my first new .357 brass and wasnt sure what I should be expecting for consistency. Maybe someone here will know.

I normally get all my brass from my own purchased factory ammo or range pickups, but of course never find any .357 at the range (plenty of .38 though) and the cheapest .357 factory ammo at Cabellas was a ridiculous $25+/box of 50 so I bought a bag of 100 Winchester .357mag cases for $21 to try out instead.

I was surprised to find that the new Winchester .357 case lengths run from 1.276-1.284". Is this much variation common among all new .357 cases, regardless of brand? And why are the cases so short? Shouldnt they be 1.29"?

The winchester range brass I use for .380/9mm/.38 is always excellent.
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