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I agree that instructors might have more chance of being hit due to increased exposure. Theoretically. But exactly what is "the risk"?

If one person gets shot in a training environment in a year (and no one as yet has stated empirically that the incidence is even as high as one), is it worth it to equip every firearms instructor in the country with a vest?

I know there was a fatality in 2010 after an AD in St. Joseph, MO, but don't have any details except it was during a break.

In 2010 in Calif. a cop was clearing his .40. It went off, the round hit a concrete table, and another officer got hit in the leg, had and face. Vest wouldn't have helped.

In 2001 a Providence PD cop shot and killed another during a force on force exercise. Somehow live ammo got involved. Not a typical range training session.

I did manage to find one case where a cop in Milford, CT, was saved by his vest from a shot fired by another officer during a training accident. Not sure when it happened.

That's all the "data" I can find. Please share if anyone has some.
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