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Since you like it so much, you shouldn't sell it ....

My wife is not a fan of guns in general ...but she tolerates my hobby or obsession ( 20 or so shotguns / 30 or so handguns ) ....including about 10 S&W revolvers in .357 mag :
a. a pair of 4" Nickel model 19's
b. a pair of stainless 4" model 66's / and a 2 1/2" ...
c. a 686 (stainless )in 6"
d. a pair of model 27's 4" Nickel and a 6" blued
e. a model 28 blued....
and a few others.....

so I was explaining the logic/or justifying to myself and her ...of buying another .357 mag...but this one was different...I said, its a single action, Freedom Arms made in Wyoming, and octagon barrel, etc ... and its only $ 3,100 ...and maybe I'll sell a gun or two that I don't shoot much and buy this new one ....and she asked how many .357 mag's I had ...and I fibbed and said 4 or 5 ( and she knows its a lie probably )...but this one is special / and she said, look as long as you love them ...keep them...and don't worry about it .......

and she's right ......keep it if you love it !!
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