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Hansam has pretty much nailed it. Nothing to add, except my personal experience with the breed.

I had a GSP for about 16 years until he had to be put down due to old age. It was a male, and I had him neutered as soon as the veterinarian indicated he could do it.

He was never agressive to people or other dogs, but would growl at another dog if they tried to mount him. I only saw this happen once or twice. He was friendly, smart, but a little stubborn. He was easy to train, pointed naturally, and I did bird hunt with him although he was mainly the family pet. He got daily exercise, and was usually fine. He did chew a few things, but nothing really valuable or badly. The DO NOT like to be left alone for long periods of time. They will, like many dogs injest something after chewing on it so watch the dish towels, etc that you have hanging around or laundry hampers.

When mine got bored, I could tell because he would end up bringing be something, basically retrieving, and saying OK I am ready to work. It could be any foreign object lie a sock, shoe, underwear, that he knew he wasn't supposed to have.
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