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Originally Posted by kraigwy View Post
It's a "Kraigie Special".

Years ago I bought 6 Model 70 Actions for a grand total of $235.

It was going to be wifes hunting rifle. I put a mid wight 22 inch Douglas Supreme 1:10 twist barrel.

For a stock I got a new Winchester stock from a Gunsmith to took it off a rifle a customer wanted to put a plastic stock on his Model 70. It was a new stock.

I did the metal work myself. I put on a Leopold 4X scope, great for hunting but I put a Weaver Tactical Mil Dot on for the up coming match. It will come off and the Leopold will go back on cause the wife wants her rifle back.
I'm guessing it's a classic or pre-64' action?

I just bought some H4350 to play with. I still haven't bought bullets. I think i'm going to either get the 75GR. V-Max, or try the 70GR. Nosler BT's. Anyone have a load for 70gr pills with h4350, or is that powder too slow for that weight? I will probably get some Varget if the H4350 isn't suitable for the 70 GR. BT's.

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