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I actually don't believe I've seen ANYONE badmouth GSPs here. They've all cautioned about some of the things one can encounter with GSPs but then those same concerns are valid for other sporting breeds too. I do believe I've seen quite a few posts saying they're great dogs but beware of this or that.

All in all it comes down to what the owner makes of the dog. If you give the dog proper training and treat it well your dog will be a great part of your family. If you fail on that part your dog will suffer as will your family life.

I understand that its easy to get emotional and defensive about a particular breed of dogs especially if you own one or more of such dogs but this particular breed isn't under attack here. As I've continued to assert its all about the training.

As Hansam has said, the bad behaviors posted here could be about ANY breed of dog, not just GSPs. Rarely, and it is truly a rarity, a dog, just like a person, may have a mental defect/health problem/bad genetics that produce aggression or destructive behavior.....the exception being the fighting breeds that specifically bred for aggression. The majority of the time bad behavior is a by product of bad training and or lack of training or imposed limits. Sometimes the bad habits are learned in the kennel before the pup goes home. Many times it's because the rest of the family has not been trained properly and allows the dog to do things the primary owner does not even know about. If one is upset because they think the breed is being trashed, they have every right. GSPs like all Continental breeds, are fine animals, one reason they are so popular. But being popular means they get breed indiscriminately and that many end up in homes where they should not be. This is the real cause of negative experiences, not the breed itself.
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