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.357 Magnum is a very "kind to brass" round and tends to give a long service life.

With that said, there are three headstamps out there that are clearly below the rest.

The first is "A-Merc" which is the single worst actually reloadbale brass on the face of the Earth. Nothing compares. Run a search for the gory details, A-Merc is BY FAR the worst.

Of the major brands, two that I will assuredly set below all the others are recent manufacture PMC and R-P. Both are thinner than all the rest and PMC seems to have an odd surface make-up that makes them much less likely to clean up and look as good as all the other brass. I'm sure someone with a sonic cleaner can make them gleam, but standard tumbling has a difficult time making them look as good as...well, everything else on the market.

Even so, I still reload these two, but neither would be my choice if I were choosing.
Attention Brass rats and other reloaders: I really need .327 Federal Magnum brass, no lot size too small. Tell me what caliber you need and I'll see what I have to swap. PM me and we'll discuss.
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