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If you are in a fight you are in combat.

Definitions of 'combat' [v., kuhm-bat, kom-bat; n.,kom-bat] - (Showing 1 definitions)
(used with or without object)
1. to fight (against)
1. battle

It is all semantics. If I am getting mugged or carjacked the situation is the same, in that, the BG is using or threatening to use violence against me or my family. The ONLY response is overwhelming violence of action. Any fight you get into on the street is a fight for your life and must be handle accordingly or you risk losing. If you cannot avoid, retreat, or de-escalate the situation and it comes to violence then it is game on. I will give no quarter, until such time as the fight is over. When you ask is the fight over? I win, he (they) win(s).
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