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Originally Posted by kraigwy View Post
I just worked up a load for my wife's Model 70 243 for an up coming precision rifle shoot.

I'm using 87 grn Berger VLDs and 37 grns of R-15. Winchester Brass and CCI bench rest primers. It's extremely accurate and good for 1100 yards. It's not near max but its accurate.

Out of wife's 22 inch barrel it averges 3050 fps.

I figure if I replace the Bergers with a 87 grn hunting bullet, it'd work good on antelope or deer (or varmints if that's your choosing).
What sub-model is your wife's gun? I have a mid-80's 'Ranger Youth' in just about perfect condition. I have hemmed and hawed over getting a new barrel and putting it in a full-size stock but i know i will regret it when i have kids. I just have a recoil pad on it to meet my LOP. I have had to fight off many dads with young kids offering good money for it . It has such an excellent trigger for a stock gun.

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