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"Never with a handgun" means that your situation is not germane to the NY Discussion. Long arms are OK. Handguns are not.

This is really a case of knowing the law, handguns are *not legal* in NY for non residents or for residents who do not posess a permit. That's pretty cut and dried. Fly into a NY airport with the intent to get off of the plane and into a car to go see someone... and have a checked handgun... you are a felon. What's not simple about that?

The issue really ought to be regarding the airlines accepting for shipment what will immediately become contraband at the destination. That is something that ought to be ended at the airline level.

The "trap" is if you are flying to, say... Boston, and are diverted due to weather to an airport in NY. Land & claim your bag? You are a felon. At that point you really need to REFUSE to claim your bag, and to carefully think about what you are going to do next. What are you going to do when you see your bag going 'round and 'round on the baggage claim conveyor knowing that the moment you take it off *even to carry it to the baggage service desk* that you run the risk of immediate arrest? That's the real trap.


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