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Three points of philosophy: First, I am reminded of something Libertarian David Bergland said back in the Reagan era. If I remember correctly:

"Utopia is a place where everyone always has everything they want and nothing ever goes wrong. Utopia is not one of the options."
Second is something the father of a friend of mine liked to point out:
"Just when you've successfully idiot-proofed something, the world invents an even bigger class of idiot to circumvent your efforts."
My own thought is that accident proofing is a little like the fighting mindset. You prepare to fight so you don't have to. That works because the mindset and attitude projected by the prepared warrior will normally stop the fight before it starts. Similarly, you prepare for accidents, and in being prepared you bring the mindset and attitude that prevents accidents before they happen. The trick, in both instances, though, is the preparation has to be real.
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