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saands, this was the first time it had opened in that manner. OTOH, the knife doesn't have a positive locking mechanism. The spring assist isn't engaged by a button or switch, but actuates when the blade begins to open. Normally, that's because one is opening the blade. In this case, something bumped it.

Knife is shelved unless I decide to carry it in a leatherman type pouch, which I don't think I will.

Meanwhile, between a 5" SOG with Axis lock, and my Leatherman Skeletool, I think my cutting needs are covered, and neither of those have tried to hurt me yet.

BTW, the doc did a great job with the stitching. Scar will be very thin. Deepest part of the cut still seems to be healing, below surface, at the very base of the heel of my hand. That part is still swollen and tender, but does not appear infected. Both hands are now effectively fully functional.

Thanks again to all for the kind thoughts.
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