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Two GSP's

I'm actually really glad I got two of them personally. They love to play together and tire each other out. Also they keep each other company when we can't pay full attention to them.

Also we kenneled ours for the first 3 years we had them until they got out of the puppy stage. Now they both roam the house when we aren't home and have never destroyed or gotten into anything. I have actually set up a camera just to see what they do during the day and they just lay on the couch and watch whats going on outside, occasionally chasing each other through the house.

Just my opinion but the two females I have work well together and they are attached at the hip. We are actually looking into adopting a third because we love the breed so much.

Ours love tennis balls but their favorite toy is a large Kong and a soft frisbee, keep them playing early and they will get attached to their toys. Everyday when we get home from work they are at the door with toys in their mouths ready to play.

I can't brag enough on my two and I hope you have the same luck with yours. Feel free to shoot me a message if you ever have any questions.
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