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GSP's are what you make them
That is true as it is for most breeds of dogs too however there are certain traits that you simply cannot ignore about certain breeds. In sporting breeds there is a much higher energy level and higher prey drive than in other breeds. It is the same with herding breeds - they tend to have an instinctive need to herd something and will often be found herding children if they don't have sheep or other animals to herd.

I believe that a hunting dog is a different type of dog to some people than other dogs. While my dogs reside with me inside my home and live with my kids I can't condemn those hunters who choose to keep their dogs outside in a kennel. So long as those hunters continue to interact with their dogs and provide for the dog's needs (both physically and mentally) those dogs can be great dogs too. Again they are what you make them.

They are not an ill tempered breed by any means, defensive and protective yes.
I don't believe anyone said they were an ill tempered breed. As for defensive and protective I haven't got a problem with those particular behaviors however they must be manageable. My dogs will also stand between my children, my wife and even myself and strangers however they also stand down with the simple command of "at ease." Once that command is issued they become at ease and are quite friendly with the strangers - posing no threat at all to anyone.

90% of the people that I have heard bad mouth the breed
I actually don't believe I've seen ANYONE badmouth GSPs here. They've all cautioned about some of the things one can encounter with GSPs but then those same concerns are valid for other sporting breeds too. I do believe I've seen quite a few posts saying they're great dogs but beware of this or that.

All in all it comes down to what the owner makes of the dog. If you give the dog proper training and treat it well your dog will be a great part of your family. If you fail on that part your dog will suffer as will your family life.

I understand that its easy to get emotional and defensive about a particular breed of dogs especially if you own one or more of such dogs but this particular breed isn't under attack here. As I've continued to assert its all about the training.
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