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I use Lyman, Hornady, Speer and Lee. Then there is handloader magazines, and others.... Never hurts to cross check loads when using a new (to me) powder. I just don't trust on-line sources (even powder companies) as gospel. I need several sources to feel 'comfortable' before using a load.... That's just me...

I personally like the Lyman manual. It has a good beginner reloader reference in front and plenty of good loads... I shoot mostly lead though as it meets my needs for most everything in revolvers. But again, it isn't the 'only' source. Of course now that I found loads I like for my guns, the manuals are gathering a bit of dust . For example, .44Spec it's 7.5g of Unique/Universal under 240g SWC.... Not going to be changing that anytime soon! In .357, I have a Red Dot load that I use for all my loads now.

Seems to me the last time I looked there were several loads for .357 and .38 in the Lyman manual...
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