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I just read this and started thinking about my Benchmade assisted axis-lock EDC and I was wondering if you ever had your knife open, or even partially open in the past ... albeit with less dramatic results. Or was this the first indication of trouble?

I removed the pocket clip on mine and I'm wondering if the fact that the knife isn't being held fixed makes it more resistant to accidental opening. I remember being hyper-vigilant with mine for the first 3-4 months, but I've carried it daily for close to two years now and I have never run across it in any state other than how I leave it ... actually, that is not quite accurate ... I have found the lock accidentally engaged a couple of times. Since it has behaved so well, I now treat it like any other.

But this post has me wondering if all assisted knives are a little "schizo" and capable of going rogue on us without warning

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