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Best Breed

I have two of them and wouldn't trade them for the world. They are wonderful pets, great with children, and are the most intelligent dogs I have ever owned. We taught them at 9 weeks to ring a bell when they needed to go outside, we also taught them to heel, fetch, and come at the same age.

I have owned Labs, Golden's, Danes, and Beagles. I wouldn't trade the two GSP's I have now for any of the others.

Mine do have a high prey drive and we do exercise them daily (chasing tennis balls). They can easily jump a 6' fence to chase deer, squirrels, or any other critter they see but they immediately return when called.

They work and play hard but they also crawl in your lap at night and just want to relax. They aren't for everyone but if you take the time to train them they will excel in everything they do.

They both got out of their puppy stages around 3 years old. Neither of them chewed on anything but their toys that were given to them, but we also didn't leave them alone to get in trouble and corrected them early.

They go everywhere with me and my family, they love the water, riding in cars, boats, and anything else that moves even tubes at the lake. They like to take float trips and hike.

One of ours loves agility courses and flyball, and the other just likes to relax and watch the turkeys in the back field.

If you are an active person who loves going places and being outdoors you really couldn't ask for a better dog in my opinion.

Good luck,
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