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No offense but I'd have shot a dog like that. I don't allow aggression of any sort in my hunting dogs. Sure there's controlled aggression such as in properly trained security/shutzhund dogs but that's a whole different ball game and those dogs aren't aggressive till ordered to be. The kind of aggression you described in the dog is something that needed to be trained out of him and if that was not fixable he should have been destroyed for the safety of your guests and family.
I'm not offended at all, the dog was put down.

I purchased the dog as a pup 8 weeks old raised and trained the dog myself.
I might add I've rasied and trained many dogs, trained some for other people. So lack of proper training was not my dogs problem, he just had a bad temperment that got worse with age.

I don't give up on my animals easily, but I do realize there comes a time to cut your losses and do what has to be done.

I also don't believe my dogs temperment was typical of the breed, as I've seen and hunted over to many Shorthairs that were very well behaved.

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