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It seems to me Mr. Holder feels he is in a political position of superior power... I have watched a fair part of two hearings now and although he is well spoken he seems to say little of any real importance, he just plain doesn’t give details period..

I don’t know the guy but to me it doesn’t seem to be so much smugness as he simply seems to feel he has no reason to answer the questions with any detail at all.. He appears to be totally disinterested in anything more than surface deep and flowery speech.

Having seen the recent proceedings I don’t even think contempt of congress would get him to open up... he seems to feel untouchable and above the law.. And I guess to this point he has been and is... this is the mindset that IMHO doesn’t care about the constitution or correctness and is all about whatever craziness he personally believes, not a good thing to be sure..

In fact after posting this I have thought about this further and it seems his claims of some sort of potential constitutional crisis is kind of disturbing in that he is not an elected anything, he is not the president... I believe he is at least in part refering to the separation of powers of the three branches but I see no constitutional basis for his offices so I dont see any constitutional protection granted to them other than his office belongs to the executive branch. I am not a lawyer so I leave that to those who are but it seems to me that he might not be as "protected" by belonging to the executive branch as he thinks...

It is also interesting that Mr. Obama hasnt simply ordered Mr. Holder to release these documents nor does anyone seem to be pressing Mr. Obama to do so.
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