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YES! "THE HIRED HAND" . Peter Fonda starred and directed it. Warren Oates was his Riding buddy. In the movie, Oates carried an old Navy B/P and Fonda carried a Peacemaker. I have it on DVD, and Fonda gives a prologue in which he wanted to protray the west as it was in the 1880's. There are Walkers, multi-barreled derringers, and all types of period correct rifles and shotguns. It was the first "Period Correct" western I ever saw and really started me on my six gun path. I believe you can still rent it, as it became something of a cult classic. It pulls no punches and the sound- track is amazing. The music was released on a CD years ago, which I also got. Give it a look! It came out in 1971. In the final shoot-out scene, everybody misses their targets except for a couple luck shots, and the hero , well I won't ruin it for you should you decide to watch it.

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