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I can side with the OP on this one...What it comes down to is mindset,,,the same mindset you get in the Military and Martial Arts,,,the same adrenalin rush like a high voltage electrical current running through your body...

In the Military we are trained to be aggressive, we are trained to kill, and we go looking for trouble on the offensive and the defensive and it is hard to change that mindset to the civilian mindset of self defense when you come back home.

I have carried a gun for fourty years since Viet Nam,,,but my mindset has completely changed,,, now instead of looking for trouble I completely avoid it even to the point of possibly appearing cowardly,,,certainly not the same mindset I had or could have gotten away with in the military.

Actually I have never been in a civilian gunfight but how can I say this, the longest firefight I was in lasted four hours and sometimes with all your buddies and fire support and everything that is going on in a firefight it is terrifying but at times it can be rather impersonal, like they are trying to kill everyone not just me.

In a civilian firefight it will probably be just you and another man trying to kill each other, he on the offensive and you in self defense and it will be extremely personal as you know either you or he or both of you will probably die from the encounter,,, and you have to immediately switch from the civilian mindset of complete avoidance to the military mindset of kill or be killed.

Combat is Combat whether Military or Civilian when the lead starts to fly and Death is just a Heartbeat away.
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