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Other than the mechanical trigger on the 725 sporting ...I don't personally think there is any difference between it and the 625 series / or the 525 series to speak of....

The 725 series its predecessors ( 625, 525, 425, etc ) ....all have "field" combs ...with a fair amount of drop at the comb and heel...making them a non-parallel combed gun ...( even with an adj comb ) ...the angle of the comb does not change to parallel ...the adj comb is cut to the same angle as the base comb ---- and the amount of drop at comb and heel on this series of the Citori ...makes "Fit" an issue for a lot of shooters.

None of them will "Fit" me ...and I had a 525 series ..and the face bruises to show it. ....and I shot a demo gun, before I bought it ...and was enamored with the engraving, the general look of the 525 the time, the first production series Browning with a lot of engraving on it .../ but when I actually had it in my hands...and took it to competition was a big mistake. When I got rid of the 525 / bought a few of the Citori XS Skeet models ...and really got my "Fit" down ...I actually started winning a few tournaments...

I'm not saying you shouldn't be seduced by the 725 may be a great gun for you ...just be cautious. I will continue to say ...that a parallel comb gun ...will "Fit" 99.9% of the shooters out the Citori XS Special or the Citori XS Skeet ...and while you have a lot of experience, and are qualified to pick a gun that "Fits" ....many, many shooters can't do that....

Just be cautious ....shooting 25 rds with a demo gun is one thing...but shooting 400 shells a week for practice is something else.../ but I hope it works out for you !
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