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What a superb selection of thought provoking responses here, thanks. The high energy levels of the breed are well noted and confirms what I have read elsewhere also. While I don't hunt birds, I do small game and also am otherwise outdoorsy so giving him exercise everyday shouldn't be a problem.

They're puppies right now @ 6 weeks old so if I start right away I should be able to train him up pretty good and perhaps take him to obedience also. He'd be coming to live with my English Mastiff also, who is very sedentary.

My Mastiff is very mature and gentle, and listens well. I can walk him without leash and he stays right on my heel. I just hope that the higher energy level of the GSP doesn't create a rift between them and be a problem later.

I'm going to chew on this until the weekend before I carve it in stone but so far I'm thinking this will work out ok for me.

Keep em coming! This is a big decision and I appreciate all the input I can get!
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