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Originally Posted by Blackshirts
The Arizona permit is currently valid is 36 other states and can be obtained by non residents. I just took the 1 hour classroom only class yesterday($48, mail in $60 for the 5 year permit). The guy also does a 30 minute conference call($40 and you follow along with an online powerpoint) that gets you the permit. A lot of out of staters take that "class" apparently. There are some states that recognize the permit, but require you to be a resident. If you are a resident of that state then the Arizona one will be the same as getting it at home.
Check it out.
I checked out that site, and read the AZ laws on the permit and how to apply for it:

As I understand it, I just need to request an application form from the department, fill it out, add my fingerprints to the supplied form, provide proof that I've taken a qualifying course (almost any NRA course will do) and mail it back to them with a check. What purpose does the 30 minute conference call serve?
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