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There are "problem" dogs from every breed. Dogs are like kids. Most of the time when they become problematic, it's because of bad parents/owners. Ever notice how folks with well behaved dogs often have kids that are achievers and pleasant to be around also? I have owned pointers, GSPs and GWPs for the last 40 years. They are intelligent animals with a desire to please, strong drive to hunt and a great response to discipline. That said, lack of discipline and owner interaction will soon ruin them. Funny, when a toy dog gets bored and destroys something, it's cute. When a large dog does it, suddenly it's destructive. As I said before, most field bred GSPs are driven to hunt. If you are not a hunter nor have a desire to play hunting type games regularly with a dog that will demand it, simply outta fairness to the dog itself, I suggest you pass.
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