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I have both, and I much prefer the Makarov over both the PA63 (and the Polish P64).

The recoil from the PA63 is somewhat sharp and unpleasant much like a Walther, and, of course the horrendous trigger pull needs not be mentioned.

My first CCW qualification was with an East German Makarov, and I have carried it ever since in my car. That particular gun probably has had more than 3 or 4 thousand rounds through it without so much as a hiccup; I haven't kept an actual round count, but, when I go shooting (or should I say "blasting"), I easily put at least 100 rounds through it just shooting at rocks and nothing in particular. I have other Maks as well, and none of them have ever experienced any malfunctions of any kind. ( I had a dud round once, but that is not the gun's fault.)

The Makarov is a bit larger than the PA63, but the trigger is considerably lighter and the recoil is not as "sharp" as the PA63. Additionally, the PA63 has an alloy frame, and I am definitely a "steel" man. Personally, unless you are an undercover cop who has to carry all day, I see no use for alloy frames for anything larger than a .22.

Another factor is that there are probably more spare parts available for the Makarov pistols than the PA63, which is now out of production.

As a side note, I discovered (by acccident) that the Makarov will feed, chamber, fire, extract and eject a .380 round with no problem other than a slightly bulged case. That could be useful in a dire emergency, although I wouldn't recommend it as a "usual" practice.

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