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Thanks for the replies guys! I see that the makarov has somewhat of an edge. I also just realized that I posted this in relics, which probably wasn't the best idea. :P I've just now figured this site out. I still haven't decided completely which one to get.

I will probably get a new spring for either, and will alternate FMJs and Hollow points for my defense load. Ive heard bad things about hollow points and PA-63s. That being said, I am assuming the Makarov is still a little bit better for the most part. I am liking the PA-63 a little bit better, based on its looks, feel, and the price, but don't wont it to let me down after purchase. After a new spring in each, is the Mak still that much better? The DA pull isn't that big of a deal to me, and if I ever HAVE to use it, my life will be endanger, and i will be pumped full of adrenilin.

More on the hollow points. What I've heard is that the lower power of the 9x18 Mak, seems to make hp bullets less effective in both guns. Also, The issue with the PA-63 seems to be the feeding itself. These loads of hollow points seem to solve both problems.

Which one, if either, will be better?

Thanks again for the input.

Best regards, Ben
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