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10/22 Full-auto Conversion

First off, as of now this is all speculative and hypothetical.
With that in mind, here goes.

I've seen several manuals for altering a Ruger 10/22 to have fully-automatic firing capabilities. It seems like with the right tools, some patience, and attention to detail, it would be simple enough to do in a (well-stocked) home workshop.

My question is this:
Is there a way to do this legally?
Is there paperwork that can be filed in order to carry out such a conversion for personal use, (Not to sell).

I'll be the first to admit that I don't understand all the laws, rules, and regulations surrounding the NFA and other similar restrictions, I'm just curious to know if I'll be able to build my self a fun-gun sometime down the line, without having to worry about men in black tactical gear breaking down my door.

As always, I eagerly await answers/discussions.

(P.S., I wasn't sure which sub-forum to put this post in, but since it involves some gunsmithing, I'm hoping someone here has maybe had some experience doing what I've asked about)
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