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The only thing that puzzled me about your first post is the "caveman days" comment. Unique is one of the oldest powders available, having been, by some accounts, introduced as early as 1890 by Laflin and Rand as their "Infallible" powder, the name later having been changed either by DuPont, who bought L&R, or by Hercules, the company that resulted from DuPont's divestiture of that business. Universal, on the other hand, is actually rebranded AP70N from ADI in Australia, and is the more modern and cleaner burning powder. Many have gone in the opposite direction you have, and switched to Universal in place of Unique to avoid Unique's well-known tendency to meter irregularly in some measures because of its large flake size. Alliant changed the Unique manufacturing process in the 1990's to reduce it's fouling, so the fouling improvement is not so great now as it was originally, but the flakes are still fairly large.
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