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M1A would be my ideal rifle I think but again consider the AR10 style as I'm familiar with the AR but have concerns with reliability.
My M1A cost not too much over 1K new + 700 for a SAGE EBR stock. A POF or LMT AR10 costs 3K. IMO, a "modernized" M1A can be had for less money. Personal preference is I'd take the M1A since I love the M1 Garand and the M14 is a direct descendant of it...and spend the saved money on a 1903 Springfield.

I think a big factor is whether you want to use optics down the road. If so, the bolt action and AR are better suited for that.
My setup is an M1A, Sage EBR Mod 0, cantilevered sight base and a Leupold Mark 4 3.5-10x. optics are simple with a SAGE stock or similar aftermarket stock.

Also, they are simple with no stock change:
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