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"Where are the pins of yesteryear?"

I attended every summer for 10 years.
Still miss it. Have your book on my bookshelf along with Massad's.

Not every day you can see Miculek, Enos, Barnhardt, Ayoob, etc on the same line. Saw some of them leave a few pins too.

Trivia was my best event, unfortunately. The closest I got to winning something big was when some guy who had just won a shootoff was picking up his gear afterward. "Here, hold this," he said. And handed me a pewter mug stuffed with $5,000 in small bills.

Lots of fun on the main range, the back range and the subgun range.
Lots of bad jokes from Rich Davis. I miss them too even though they did
irreparable damage to my sense of humor.

We'd be there now, if it was still going, eh?
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