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Post 2193 makes mention of to me, a new group,, which supposedly claims that "Holder has stepped in it" having actually perjured himself in recent congressional testimony. Personally speaking, I suspect he perjured himself a long time ago when he took the oath of office, that included something about "supporting, upholding, and defending the constitution". One would be hard put to see where or how the guy has so acted.

That being said, some posters have recently called attention to the fact that there appears little attention being paid to the fact of problems in and with the BATFE itself, where the "professional bureaucrats" dreamed up and sold Operation Fast & Furious to the political appointees. Also mentioned is the fact that The Congress obviously lacks the guts, I would add that it lacks the honesty to rein in this run-away mob, the BAFTE, as it is currently named.

In conclusion, and sadly, I lean toward the following conclusion. Holder will not likely be cited for contempt of congress nor will he face any serious charges. The entire cdriminaT fiasco, that being Operation f & F, the role played by Obama's AG, Mr. Holder and the rold played by
The Whitehouse, including the president himself will be WHITEWASHED, that is covered up. Should Obama be re-elected, gun rights among other things will likely be in serious trouble. By the way, respecting Mr. Romney and gun rights, I would not trust the gentleman beyond the distance I could throw him. I hope that my view of things turns out to be overly dark, but that's the way I see the thing.

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