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Ok not to add to the bashing but I had bought a pro24/7 .45 that I was promised the world on from the store. NOt taraus but the sales person. Not the gun company fault I understand, however I took the gun on the range immediatly after purchase 3 shots in and the firing pin cap and the whole assy. came off and shot across my right shoulder. I took it out to the gun smith who said o yes that is not right but I have seen it quit a few times now. He took it saying he would order a new cap and spring set and have it back within a week, no problem however 2 weeks later I drove up to find out the status when he didnt have it ready within the first week. He called taraus with me standing there and they apologized said it was sent back for some reason they would over night it. Again no issue I thought, called him around 5 the next day to be told it never got there and they didnt ship it at all. This went on for about 3 months finally I got upset enough the gun shop gave me store credit and then after all this sold me a used gun as it being brand new. I have never been back to that shop and will not be going to taraus again either.
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