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My very first firearm was an old cap and ball revolver that came from grandpa's attic and was given to me in 1967 ('58 Remington). I shot the daylights out of that one, and over the years acquired replicas in Colt Walker, 3rd Model Dragoon, 1860 Army, etc.

The one I shoot the best is a Navy Arms 1860 Army (Pietta) that I picked up in the early 1980's. I guess I got one of the better ones, thanks to luck of the draw.

I got away from black powder the last couple of decades and shot modern firearms. It happens that one of my son's friends picked up a cap and ball revolver, and once more I am burning black powder on a regular basis.

I decided that I wanted a matching Navy Arms 1860. Since they are no longer being imported by Navy Arms, I started looking at Gunbroker for a used one. After searching for several months, I found a NIB Uberti at a reasonable price, and bought it.

Upon receiving the Uberti, I was struck by the differences. Outward appearance and finish is close enough, although my Pietta has a bit more wear. The finish on the wood grips is satin on the Pietta (oil), shiny on the Uberti (varnish). I will probably change out the grips on both to faux ivory, and then they will look like a matching pair.

The most noticable difference is in the actions. My Pietta is smooth and crisp, but heavier than the Uberti. The action on the Uberti is perfect... I guess I will have to do some internal work to my old Pietta and try to even things out.
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