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New York laws regarding black powder handgun?

Help from NY residents would be appreciated as to this question...

Wife and I will be going to NY state (upper western NY) in a couple of weeks for vacation to see her family. I'll be taking a handgun or two as concealed carry. For that, I'm covered under the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (a Federal law made possible by President Bush) so I can legally conceal carry in all 50 states. Key word is concealed! My wife can't carry there as she only has a TX CHL as a civilian.

My brother-in-law is a member of a gun club and has said we can go shoot there. He doesn't own handguns because of stupid NY state gun laws, but has rifles and that was what he was talking about shooting.

MY QUESTION IS:Can I shoot my 1860 Army BP cap & ball pistol at a gun range in NY without being a resident and having a NY handgun license? Do black powder pistols fall under NY state handgun laws? If I can shoot it, I'll take it along with some caps, balls, wads, and powder. Traveling, we will be in a truck / fifth wheel RV so I got plenty of room to take along some range supplies and some long guns also.
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