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Sorry, it's been awhile since I've had the time to investigate the issue.

First of all, the gun I have is a 15-3, not a 66. My apologies for the error. This is the first S&W I've owned.

After looking with a magnifying glass and using a flashlight to check out the one chamber which was causing the problem, I was not able to see any burrs, fouling, or other issues which could have been causing the problem. I tried cleaning the chamber several times with Birchwood Casey gun scrubber, which didn't do the trick.

So, with some hesitancy, I pulled out all of my Dremel tools. Relax, I wasn't planning on using the rotary tool to "route" the cylinder. I did find that I had a very fine grit grinding wheel which just fit into the bad cylinder. I put some honing oil on the wheel and BY HAND, moved the wheel in and out of the cylinder, being as careful as I could to keep the grinding wheel parallel to the cylinder walls. I did not rotate it. I was also careful to stay only in the back side of the cylinder as that is where the cases began to stick upon extraction. After a couple of minutes of carefully using the grinding wheel, I tried inserting a fired case. It went in a little easier, but not as easy as the other chambers. I put more honing oil on the grinding wheel and continued. After about 10 minutes of work, I was able to insert a fired case into the bad chamber just as easily as the good chambers. I took the gun to the range, and it worked just fine. I realize I was taking a chance here and I probably wouldn't recommend this to anyone else.
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