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It's a fairly standard question in Oklahoma,,,

I don't get stopped very often,,,
But every time I have been stopped in Oklahoma (1996-2012),,,
I have always gotten the question of "Do you have any weapons in the vehicle.

Most times I've asked back,,,
"Why are you asking officer?"

I know it's a bit snippy,,,
But it's not my responsibility to answer.

OHP are not the friendliest officers on the roads,,,
They do seem to make the assumption that everyone is a law-breaker,,,
And that it's their sworn duty to figure out what law you are breaking this time out.

I don't care if they are "just looking for tells, nervousness, or lies",,,
If they can make the assumption of my apparent guilt,,,
I can make an assumption about their motives.

I'll never outright lie to any cop,,,
But silence isn't telling a lie.


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