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Getting fed up with projected recieve dates that keep pushing back...

anyone else running into this ???

I got on the 17 Fireball band wagon appearently too late I built a couple customs, one on a Remington 700, one a custom Contender barrel... guns are done ( I started looking for reloading components at the same time I bought barrels & chamber reamer, etc. ) Hornady new dimension dies have been out of stock & bumped a couple times, now back to 7-21-12... brass, I managed to pick up some during gun show season... Midway has moved back the recieve date on Remington brass at least 3 times now, currently listed as 10-8-12

I'm finding this more & more frustrating... Remington standardized / commercialized this cartridge like 2 years ago, it's probably one of the most practical / efficient of the 17's & Remington standardizing the cartridge was one of my main purposes for starting these projects...

starting to respect these companies less & less, every time they push back my delivery dates.
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