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Woderning about my 38 S. & w.Special CTG
You have a .38 Military & Police (the gun that later became the Model 10) manufactured during WW2 (approx. 1942 to 1945) S&W used the "V" prefix to stand for Victory against the Axis powers. SNs started at V1 and ran up to SV811832, so yours would have been of somewhat early production and 1942 is a reasonable guess as to the actual year. That part is important because it would have the older hammer safety design that makes the gun less safe - not completely unsafe, but less safe - to carry with all six chambers loaded. The newer hammer block safety was introduced at SN V769000 and the "V" changed to "SV". Some guns were returned to S&W to have the new safety retrofitted - these have an "S" stamp on the sideplate and butt.

Its a model 37 with serial number 1436xx.
Between 1958 and 1962. The SN range was 125000 to 295000
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