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PA-63 VS PM Makarov

I am new to this forum and this is my first post, so bare with me. I am mostly a rifle guy, so some of my questions may be a little stupid. In all truthfulness, I've never shot a pistol.

I've always been a sucker for simplicity, so my go-to guns are Soviet. The two pistols that really get me are the Makarov, and the PA-63. I've heard very good things about both, In particular the Makarov, besides the sights & da trigger pull. In addition, I've heard mixed reviews about the PA-63 when firing hollow points. This leads me to my following questions:

1) How do these two pistols compare? Pros/Cons of each?
2) Is there a particular brand of hollow points that work better in the PA-63?
3) I hear bad things about the DA trigger in both models. Can you avoid the double action shot all together? (I have a feeling this is a dumb question, but I need to know the answer)
4) Which pistol is a better value?

I will be using this for defense/CCW, and am starting a soviet-based weapon collection, as I admire the ruggedness, power, and (strangely) the lines of these weapons.

All in all, which one would you recommend? I am looking to spend no more than $250 on these up front, as I am new to pistols, and these are both relatively cheap compared to other pistols. I can upgrade them later if need be.

In addition, if it came down to pure cosmetics, I would have to pick up the "Hungarian Mak" (PA-63)

Thanks for all of the help!!!
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