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When I started reading gun forums, the one gun forum at the time, rec.guns, in 1992, I read some things I did not understand or agree with:

1) Buy expensive $150 scopes, like Leupold, not $20 made in China scopes.
2) Use Sierra bullets, not surplus military bullets.
3) Never allow an expander ball to touch your brass.
4) Get premium barrels, like Krieger, not surplus military barrels that have seen corrosive primers.
5) Practice shooting at the distances you will hunt. Do not be satisfied with the 100 yard range in your city.

One by one I learned that the old guys were right and I was wrong.
Now I arrive early for hunting and practice a 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, and 600 yards.

I am good at 500 and bad at 600.
I am using boat tail bullets.
I am sure there are guys who could take MY gun, and with boat tail or flat tail, shoot well at 1000 yards.

But I can't.
I need every advantage I can get.

If I enter 7mmRemMag zeroed at 200 yards with scope 2" over the barrel center, 150 gr into Quick load and Quick target
And I do the same pressure for both and look at 500 yards.

Flat point: 1988 fps, 6.83 moa elevation adjustment, 23" off with 10mph wind
Boat Tail: 2322 fps, 5.86 moa elevation adjustment, 15.1" off with 10 mph wind

Before the boat tail would slow down to 1988 fps, it would be 700 yards.
Before the boat tail would need 6.83 moa adjustment, it would be 540 yards.
Before the boat tail would be off 23" from a 10mph wind it would be 640 yards.

I have shot a lot of 1/2" groups at 100 yards, centered right on the bullseye.
That might imply I could extrapolate and I could shoot a 3" group at 600 yards.
But I am getting more like a 24" group at 600 yards.

What is holding me back from taking shots at game at 600 yards is my ability to compensate for those trajectory and wind effects, not my aiming ability.

So I will keep using boat tail bullets, because I need all the help I can get.
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