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The following are some loads I've been playing around with in my Coonan. I chrono'd these loads over two different range sessions. Both days were quite sunny, between 70 & 80 degrees and a few feet above sea level, caught with a Chrony Beta Master about 8 feet from the muzzle.

All of these loads run my Coonan Classic with no failures of any manner and no signs of extreme or excess pressure. Each of these loads falls within published maximums as provided by Alliant (2400 powder) and Hodgdon (Longshot and Lil'Gun powders) -- but do note that the load pushing the Berry's Plated slug to speeds in excess of 1,200 FPS is just outside the typical guidelines offered by Berry's for use with their plated bullets.

Sample for average velocities were taken with 10 shots, 5 shots from each of two magazines with no high's or low's thrown out.

125gr Speer TMJ 16.2gr 2400 1,465 FPS avg 596 ft/lbs

125gr Zero JSP 9.7gr Longshot MAX LOAD 1,323 FPS avg 486 ft/lbs

158gr Speer TMJ 14.0gr 2400 1,208 FPS avg 512 ft/lbs

158gr Berry's Pl-FP 14.0gr 2400 1,237 FPS avg 537 ft/lbs

158gr Hornady XTP 13.5gr 2400 1,262 FPS avg 559 ft/lbs

158gr Zero JSP 8.3gr Longshot near MAX LOAD 1,196 FPS avg 502 ft/lbs

158gr Zero JSP 16.0gr Lil'Gun 1,400 FPS avg 688 ft/lbs

158gr Zero JSP 17.0gr Lil'Gun 1,407 FPS avg 694 ft/lbs

158gr Zero JSP 18.0gr Lil'Gun MAX LOAD 1,436 FPS avg 723 ft/lbs

Special note! If you are using a revolver and not a Coonan, Desert Eagle or some other single shot (non-revolver), please do a bit of researching before using the loads with Hodgdon Lil'Gun powder. It seems this powder is gaining somewhat of a bad reputation in the big bore wheel guns (.460, .500 Mag) for excessive wear and tear to the forcing cone on the big boomers.

Is it bad for revolvers on the whole, or only the big bores? Is it even truly bad for the big bores? Is it going to destroy even a single shot or a Coonan?!

I have no idea. But do some searching for the use of Lil'Gun in magnum handgun calibers before you run out and send a pound of this stuff down range.

It should go without saying, but these are loads that I worked toward -- not ones I simply threw together. Reduce them and please work to them (or beyond) using proper, safe handloading methods.

And if you do -- please return to this thread and share your results.
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