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I did some 22 and shotgun shooting with the local 4H a few years ago. 4H gradually made it more and more difficult to continue with limitations on what you could get for donations from gun stores, etc. I wondered how many incidents they have had over the years in their shooting sports programs.

Every year, just at our local 4H clubs at the county fair, kids or family members would be bowled over by pigs or steers, either at home while raising them or at the fair. I bet there's quite a few broken legs and arms around the country and other assorted injuries associated with the raising of these animals.

As far as competitions, most of what I have seen has been minor injuries with lead splatter. Over the last few years there have been a handful of incidents that I've heard of, many when drawing the gun. But overall, with as much participation as their is, there are relatively few incidents. Mark
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